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There are some artworks I love so deeply I could eat ‘em. The idea behind this Mondrian-like cake belongs to Caitlin Freeman, a plastic artist from San Francisco (someone who, I suppose, loves art and sweets as much as myself! ;). She owns a pâtisserie specialized in artworks which become cakes or desserts. Yummy. Found it here (link in Portuguese).
This amazing dessert was served at a banquete for the jurors of Cannes Film festival, by Electrolux. A very complete integrated communications initiative which can be seen here. (Imagem: Ian Gavan/ Wireimage)

Believe me: this is a dessert! mousse of basilico, served with fresh strawberries “under” a coverture of cocoa… | Delicioso mousse de manjeric√£o, com morangos frescos escondidos sob a “terra” - uma mistura com gostinho de cacau, que deixa tudo com a quantidade exata de doce.

Pastéis de nata - further than the every-corner-pastry-shop-option and the world famous “Pastéis de Belem”, the most traditional “pastel de nata” in town, there’s a delicious new discover in Lisbon called NATA. In my humble opinion (pardon, traditional portuguese pastry!) NATA is better than Belém… Anyway, both deserve a taste to make sure you have enough arguments to agree or disagree with me. PS: don’t forget to sprinkle cinnamon on the top… <o>
Italian cream puffs with custard filling (to be made at home!! - recipe here: http://www.joanne-eatswellwithothers.com/2012/02/recipe-italian-cream-puffs-with-custard.html)
Meio torta meio cheesecake (de..mmmm cereja!) 
Kinda cake kinda cheesecake (fresh delicious cherry!)
Triple chocolate tarte with lemon ice cream - Volver by Chakall (Lisbon)
Yummy chocolate cake from @Noobai - Lisbon
This cafeteria has closed forever, so it’s definitely not a promotional photo. It’s a coffee with cream and a round mint-chocolate on the top. my creation. :D
Momento mágico no restaurante Claro!, em Paço D’Arcos. Mmmmm….
Belgium, Belgium… Não estive lá (ainda) mas é quase certo que será onde farei a dieta do chocolate. :) Thanks Marcia Bicalho - deliciosa maneira de ser lembrada!
Amigo que é amigo traz bombons para os amigos que moram no estrangeiro ( 1kg de Ouro Branco dura 1 ano e a amizade dura pra sempre!) Amei Dada! <3 (Tirada com o Instagram em Lisboa)
Chocolate Belga de presente…. Mmmmmmnm :) (Tirada com o Instagram em Lisboa)
"Life is too short. So eat the dessert first."
Eclair, um dos doces que me faz mais doce… Mas nenhuma no mundo ainda superou a do Maomé. Ainda. (Tirada com o Instagram)